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Contact Our Staff

Your questions and feedback are important to us. Please consult the listing below for contact information.

Work Force Director:

Carmen Blyden, 617-520-6350, cblyden(at)

Career Development Specialist:

John Altidor, 617-499-7159, jaltidor(at)

Alumni Coach:

Rudy Luders, 617-520-6253, 617-386-6022 (cell), rluders(at)

Senior Teacher-Counselor:

Elka Uchman, Jefferson Park site, 617-499-7110, euchman(at)


Bryan Zuluaga, Roosevelt Towers site, 617-499-7169, bzuluaga(at)

Manoucheca Lord, Windsor Street site, 617-499-7107, mlord(at)

Ayesha Wilson, CRLS site, 857-235-9923, awilson(at)


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