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Participant Information

For over 25 years, The Work Force has helped low-income students to broaden their horizons and to create their own pathways to educational and economic success.

By design, the The Work Force serves teens with a wide range of interests and abilities. There are no performance criteria for admittance into the program: participation requires only that students live in public housing and be enrolled in school. Each year, an 8th grade class is admitted largely on a first-come, first-served basis at all program sites.

The program places a premium on holistic, individualized support delivered in a culture of high expectations over a broad period of time. Placing an accent on quality of support over quantity of participants ensures that we know – and thus can serve – our students well. Each site serves roughly 45 students, ranging in ages 13 to 18, for a total of around 130 to 135 students annually (52% female and 48% male).

Work Force participants are also highly diverse, representing a broad range of ethnicities and races, including Haitian (31%); African American (29%); Latino (17%); African (12%); Bi-Racial (4% ); Asian (4%); Cape Verdean (3%) and White (1%) students.

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