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In a recent survey, 94% of Work Force Alumni reported that their participation in the program helped them succeed in college.

The Work Force’s alumni go on to pursue a wide variety of educational experiences and career paths. Nearly 95% of those who complete the program pursue further education after completing high school. Our recent graduates are enrolled in a range of post-secondary institutions, from Howard University to Bunker Hill Community College to Bates College.

Our alumni are involved in a range of fields; some are pursuing degrees in business or the culinary arts, while others have chosen to study psychology or medicine. Some elect to obtain a technical degree, while others are working towards a Ph.D.

If you are a Work Force alum, we hope you’ll stay in touch! To update your contact information, email Kambiz Maali (Program Director) so we can continue to share important information and events with you, or visit our Alumni Spotlight to see what your fellow graduates are up to.

We also want to make sure you continue to be successful at college and beyond. If you need assistance with anything, visit our [Resource Page] for tips on college life, or contact your Teacher-Counselor by clicking [here]

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