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Nothing is as empowering as a good example….

The Work Force’s holistic approach stresses the importance of early job training. Our teens use “try-out” jobs as opportunities to explore a variety of work sites and career trajectories, and to build the competencies necessary for success in the workplace.

We rely on special people — “employer-mentors” drawn from local businesses and institutions — to help us with this important task. There are many benefits in return.

Serving as a The Work Force “employer-mentor” offers you a chance to:

Add an enthusiastic worker to your staff at a very low cost to your organization.
    The Work Force subsidizes 50% of each student’s wages and handles the payroll, leaving you to concentrate on mentoring.

Enjoy a mutually enriching relationship that can make a difference in the life of a young person (and perhaps do you some good as well!).
   Mentoring is an act of extended nurturance—even the smallest investment of time and energy can yield positive changes in a young person’s life.

Work with a nationally recognized organization that both knows its clients well and provides consistent support to its mentors.
   TWF works with teens much longer, and more holistically, than conventional youth programs, which means that we can service each participants’ needs better. This translates into better support services for those who choose to mentor them.

Give back to the community, boost the economy, and broaden the local tax base.
    Our job is to help low-income youth who lack marketable skills to become gainfully employed professionals and socially responsible adults. Many choose to live and work in the greater Boston area.

Help deter and reduce expenditures on adult social problems.
   The Work Force views employment as a vehicle for enhancing the social and emotional development of students. Investing in teens now translates into lower societal and financial burdens in the future.

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