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Partnering With The Work Force

A holistic approach, delivered in a unique environment of support…
…and a wonderful opportunity for you to make a difference…

The Work Force’s holistic model provides teens with a reassuring model of adult cooperation. Our participants choose to belong to a supportive group that reinforces their unique strengths and abilities, and challenges them to grow in all facets of their lives.

Motivated and energized by positive role models, our youth seek empowering alternatives – taking responsibility for meaning and value in their lives, and responding with a renewed sense of optimism and hope about their futures.

You can play a part….and make a good business decision. The Work Force provides half of each student’s wages, serves as the employer-of-record, and delivers consistent on-the-job support.

If you belong to a local business or organization, we invite you to consider exploring the possibility of serving as an employer-mentor. For more information on how to partner with The Work Force, please contact our Employment Partnership Coordinator, Kimberly Grace, at (617) 499-7159.

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