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Case Management

From the moment they step into the program, Work Force participants are enfolded in an extensive web of personalized support that seeks from them the best they have to give. Using a holistic approach, Work Force peers, teacher-counselors, employer-mentors, school personnel, and family members work together to create a supportive environment — a “conspiracy of nurturance” — that builds solid foundations and more secure futures for teens.

This weaving together of individuals and institutions – family, school, and work – into a system of support provides teens with a reassuring model of adult cooperation. It is here that students can build on their strengths and challenge their weaknesses, gain in competence and confidence, and cultivate the skills integral to sustained personal and professional success.

The Work Force case management model:

  • Tracks each participant’s school performance and supports his/her academic growth;
  • Assists students, through Individual Development Plans, to develop annual personal/academic goals, and to measure their performance against those goals;
  • Documents each student’s work history and tracks his/her growth through job evaluations;
  • Promotes post-secondary education as a realistic option starting in the 8th grade, and prepares each student for success through a college prep component.

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