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Educational Supports

At The Work Force, holistic support is delivered in a culture of high expectations over a broad period of time. A central goal is to help each teen reach his or her academic potential, and to prepare each for the academic and social pressures of post-secondary educational contexts.

To achieve this goal, at each site, The Work Force offers:

  • Homework Centers, staffed by part-time learning coordinators and volunteer tutors from Tutoring Plus and the Boston College PULSE program;
  • Computer Labs, equipped with Internet and educational support programs; and
  • Libraries, with high interest, age-appropriate books and reading materials.

A series of interlinked educational components:

  • College Prep program, which provides participants with trips to local and out-of-state colleges, assistance with applications for admissions and financial aid, mentoring from program alums, and an in-house scholarship program;
  • Summer Literacy Camp, which builds rising 8th grade WF participants’ reading comprehension skills as they transition into their first year of high school; and
  • MCAS and SAT Prep workshops, which provides instruction in math and English Language Arts for 9th and 10th graders who must pass the state-mandated test to graduate; and instruction in both content and test-taking strategies for 11th and 12th graders preparing for the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

And collaborations with school personnel cultivated by program staff who:

  • Monitor participant’s school attendance and academic performance, and serve as an “external guidance counselor” for the schools;
  • Work to ensure that appropriate in-school and program-based educational support services are provided for participants; and
  • Create sustained communication links between home and school.

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